ivo Games

About the studio

ivo Games is an indie game studio that produces commercial web and mobile video games. The studio was founded in 2010 and is run by Sebastian Bierman-Lytle. New games are always on the way! Stay tuned via facebook for all updates and news. If you have any questions or if you are interested in working with ivo Games, please send a message through our contact page.


About Bacterium

Bacterium is ivo Game's first published video game and is currently available for all Android systems. There is a free verion as well as a $1 paid version that includes more content and no advertisements. Since its release in April 2011, Bacterium has been downloaded over 20,000 times on Google Play, and the full version currently has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Bacterium has also been made available in numerous third party Android markets - such as the German pdassi network and AndroidPIT - and is now reaching a large international customer base (the United States only accounts for roughly 22% of total downloads).

OUTSTANDING GAME!!!!!!! I loved this game so much I bought it!!! It's very addicting, frustrating and fun all rolled up in one. :)

-Summertime, 3/12/2012, Google Play

Overall, Bacterium has received very positive reviews and Android PIT even gave the game an in depth review that concluded with 4.5/5 stars. Most users call the game highly addictive and perfectly frustrating, and one user claims to have reached level 512 and doesn't plan on stopping. A highlight from its release was in May of 2011, when Bacterium claimed the top spot on AppBrain's hot list for a full week - surpassing even the Wallmart app in user activity.

The game is arcade style and uses real time physics to simulate a fictional cellular environment. The user plays a doctor in charge of cleasing cells of bacteria and they earn money for each bacteria they destroy. The player can use this money to buy various one time use tools or save up to buy powerful surgical tools that stay in their medkit forever. The full game has hundreds of different levels and can be played with many different stratagies.

Great game, tons of fun and very addictive! Totally worth the price, ever since I downloaded it I can't lay my galaxy down :)

-Geula, 5/15/2011, Google Play

Because of Bacterium's success in the Android marketplace, we are currently working on a sequal that will be available on Android, iOS, and web platforms sometime later this year. The new version will include updated graphics and many new modes of play. For all updates, please stay tuned via ivo Games facebook.


Some User Reviews

"Sold on the Bacterium. Buy very few games but I purchased Bacterium... It offers a bit of relaxing fun for a medical technologist :)"

-Chernet, 9/1/2011, Google Play

"Excellent. Un jeu amusant et fluide. Que du bon quoi"

-Christelle, 5/10/2011, Google Play

"Great! I love this game, level 512 and counting! I suggest it for everyone."

-Jessi, 5/9/2011, Google Play

"Oh my gosh I've been playing for hours! I don't know if this is a good thing or not... haha!"

-Heather, 5/21/2011, Google Play

"Simple idea, perfect implementation. Addictive!"

-S.a.T., 9/12/2011, Google Play

"Me and my cousins love this game. It is indeed a good game if you want to waste time. I recommend this one"

-William, 12/23/2011, facebook

"Женя Прикольная игра!"

-Валерий, 3/24/2011, Google Play

"This game is awesome! I find it relaxing :)"

-demah, 4/26/2011, Google Play

Design Credits

Game Designer: Sebastian Bierman-Lytle

Creative Consultant: Keaton Johnson

Game Testers: Keaton Johnson, Graham Cochrane, Jamie Harrington, Drew Michaelis, Andy Kim

Pop Sound Effect: Justin Chun

Yellow Bacteria Image: Courtesy of Professor R.E. Goldstein, University of Cambridge